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Our mission is to create sustainable long term value for our investors through business transformation investments.

Digital Transformation


he digital evolution has been around for little more than a decade but the pandemic catalyzed the paradigm shift to a mandatory digital ecosystem. The question to digitize is no more a choice but the one of survival. The pandemic caught many businesses unaware who have been reluctant to jump on the digital bandwagon. These businesses are currently at a serious disadvantage and entirely underprepared to face the pandemic challenges.

K7 acquires businesses that lack the Digital Advantage and digitally transform their conventional Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, HR, Operations, and Management into an integrated digital delivery model that ultimately helps transform business to stay ahead of the competition and lead the digital economy.

High growth alternative investment firm

Technology driven business transformation

Transform customer value delivery with integrated digital technologies

We invest in companies that help businesses and individuals to digitally transform by integrating connectivity, continuity, and Commerce. We invest primarily in companies that specializes in

Cloud, Full Stack Ops
Data & Analytics
Edge Computing
Internet of Things
Digital Transformation
Fully Managed Services
Experience. Execution. Excellence

Accelerate organic businesses through digital transformation

Invest in synergistically aligned businesses that enable potential for transformational growth. Empower a custom investment solution with hybrid equity and debt structures. Partner with high caliber teams to create sustainable long term value.

Real estate
About Us 2
Investment Strategy

Create sustainable value through digital transformation


We acquire companies formed by talented entrepreneurs, innovators, and transform business growth to build sustainable long term value

Family owned

We acquire family owned businesses ripe for growth disruption and transform using value drivers

Investment Criteria

The business for transformation

  • $5 – $100 million in annual revenues
  • $1 million+ annual cash flows

  • Low debt or no debt with 7 years or more in business
  • Technology enabled businesses
  • Revenue model: Repeat or recurring

  • Geography: US, India
Digital Transformation
Our Strategy
Investment Situation

Accelerate organic business through digital transformation

  • Founder and Family owned business succession
  • Synergistic growth opportunities
  • Durable longevity with diversified clients

  • Ripe for digital transformation
  • Buyout of Retiring Owners
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